Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Study of stressor factors and Coping in Reader (Gary) of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad            0000-00-00
2    Validation of Marital Satisfaction Scale of ENRICH (10 Items): As a Clinical and Research Insrtument            0000-00-00
3    Prediction cluster C personality disorders based on pathological personality traits, early maladaptive schemas and emotional schemas            0000-00-00
4    An analysis of temporal conceptualization and developing the algorithms depicting merger representations of temporal expressions in Farsi in default semantics framework    Ph.D    Nourbakhsh beidokhti, Soheila    2010-01-06
5    The study of relationship of Attachment Styles and Emotional Intelligence with Marital Satisfaction    M.Sc.    kamel abbasi, amirreza    2010-06-15
6    Investigating the Effect of Coping Skills Training on stress, anxity and depresstion of Women Head of Households    M.Sc.    Tahami, Elham    2010-07-09
7    The effect of story-telling Therapy on reducing The    M.Sc.    kariminasab, afsaneh    2010-10-05
8    :Comparison the effectiveness of logotherapy and cognitive therapy on self steem of woman with skin diseases.    M.Sc.    khazai, razieh    2010-10-26
9    A Comparative Relationship Of Social Support And Coping With Stress With Job Performance And Mental Health In Mental Hospital Nurses And Non-mental    M.Sc.    Meamarbashi, Mozhgan    2010-10-26
10    The Study of the Effect of the Relationship between the Verbal text and the Image of Persian Printed Advertisings, on the Increase of the Likelihood of Purchasing the Goods by the Consumer    M.Sc.    Naghizadeh, Narjes    2010-11-15
11    effectiveness of life skills training on reducing aggression in parentless and poor parenting adolescents    M.Sc.    motshakeri, mehdi    2011-01-04
12    The effect of a social-skill training program on the increment of popularity of preschool children    M.Sc.    hasanzadeh klateh, zohreh    2011-02-06
13    The study of effectiveness Rational Emotion behavior group training in improvement of emotion management of Orphan and poor parenting children    M.Sc.    poorgonabadi, hamideh    2011-03-08
14    effectiveness of group behavioral activation treatment in reducing depressive symptoms and effects of this treatment in increasing quality of life in clients of Mashhad central prison with substances abuse    M.Sc.    naddaf, majid    2011-03-15
15    The role of Type D personality, Emotional intelligence by mediating perceived stress and coping strategies in quality of life of Patients with Coronary heart Disease    M.Sc.    soltani shal, reza    2011-03-15
16    The study of effectiveness Inhibition and Planning-Organizing executive functions in decreas ADHD& Aggression symptome in ADHD-C child    M.Sc.    Moradian, Zahra    2011-06-07
17    An investigation of the effectiveness of group well-being therapy on decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, and increasing psychological well-being in infertile women    M.Sc.    zarif, haniye    2011-06-07
18    The effectiveness of war veterans spouses cognitive - behavioral management training on their parenting stress level and their children’s behavioral problems    M.Sc.    Gholami, Mohamad Hossein    2011-09-23
19    evaluate of Efficacy of psychodynamic psychotherapy to reduce stress on people with diabetes    M.Sc.    Hasanzadeh, Javad    2011-10-11
20    The Effect of Spiritual-Religious Group Psychotherapy on Religious Orientation, Religious Coping, De    M.Sc.    waezzadah, hashim    2011-10-11
21    Evaluate the effectiveness of promoting lifestyle enrichment program and students in improving Procrastination academic    M.Sc.    lamei, Efat    2011-10-11
22    The realationship of Sence of Coherence and Self-Differention with Happiness and Quality of life    M.Sc.    rezaiy, zahra    2011-11-08
23    The effect of group reality therapy on locaus of control and coping strategic students of ferdowsi university of mashhad    M.Sc.    amiri, marzieh    2011-11-22
24    The relationship between percieved dimentions of parenting and sense of coherence with academic procrastination and motivation    M.Sc.    fazlali, najmeh    2012-05-08
25    A Comparison of Metacognition and Autobiographical Memory Performance in People with OCD, Social Phobia and Normal People    M.Sc.    nazarzadeh ramezani, farideh    2012-05-22
26    The comparison of degree and relationship of sensation seeking with self-regulation in delinquent and normal male adolescents in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    rezazadeh, seyyedeh masumeh    2012-06-12
27    The effectiveness of intensive and short-term dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP) on defensive styles and emotional expressiveness in depressed patients    M.Sc.    Khorianian, Mehdi    2012-06-12
28    The effectiveness of anxiety-regulation short-term dynamic psychotherapy (STDP) on maladaptive defense mechanisms and emotional expressiveness in social phobia patients    M.Sc.    Mahmoudi Ghehsareh, Mostafa    2012-10-11
29    the Role mediator sense of coherence in relation styles of attachment with self-regulation    M.Sc.    ghaedifar, hamideh    2012-11-06
30    Assessing and comparing the effectiveness of social skills group training and existential group therapy on intimacy,interpersonal dependency and self-esteem of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad's interpersonally dependant female students    M.Sc.    OLIYAEE, YALDA    2012-11-06
31    Effectiveness of the cognitive-behavioral group Therapy on the improvement of mothers’ cognitive, emotional family performances and increasing of teen girls’ self-efficacy and self-esteem    M.Sc.    hosseini, shakiba    2012-11-06
32    The Effectiveness of Group Play therapy on Reduction Physical disabled children's aggression    M.Sc.    zabihi, aida    2012-12-18
33    The comparison of religious and spirituality group therapy on group reality therapy on increased self –esteem and reduce depression and anxiety on prisoner    M.Sc.    Ghanbari Hashem Abadi, mohammad Reza    2013-01-30
34    Reviewing and Examination of Effect of Life Skills Education on Decrease of Social Anxiety and Increment of Self-Esteem in Students of Boarding School    M.Sc.    fardi, mina    2013-01-30
35    effectiveness of cognitive_behavior treatment on decresing worry and internalizing problems of mortal relationship between girls and boys of boarding schools    M.Sc.    DERAKHSH, ALI    2013-01-30
36    survey of effect rhythmic exercise on brain signals in women with depression and anxienty    M.Sc.    khodadadi, SEYEDEH TOLOUE    2013-01-30
37    effectiveness of cognitive- behavior couple therapy (CBCT) improvement of emotion cognitive regulation, cognitive restructure of schemas and decrees of couples conflicts    M.Sc.    ahmadi, nasim    2013-01-30
38    The Effectiveness of Reality Therapy    M.Sc.    tavassoli, zahra    2013-02-07
39    The effect of scence of coherence in ralationship between defense style and mental helth    M.Sc.    mozaffari, nafiseh    2013-04-23
40    The study of psychotherapy , cognitive & behavioral effectiveness on enhanced performance of memory and meta-cognition in people with schizophrenia    M.Sc.    RezaeiManesh, Bagher    2013-05-05
41    Examining the Effectiveness of psycho-analytic group therapy on attachment style and the resiliency of DIC addicted woman center    M.Sc.    Erfanian Talee Noghan, Zahra    2013-05-05
42    The effect of cognitive behavior therapy on adolescents with Obsessive and anxiety Behavior    M.Sc.    mahjoub, marjan    2013-05-05
43    effectiveness of Group cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) short-time on examination anxiety and sensitivity anxiety in high school girl students.    M.Sc.    shiran khorasani, zahra    2013-05-05
44    Effect Of Teaching Stress Reduction Based On Repulican Mindfulness Against Stress , Anxity , Depression And Women's Life Quality Who Are Given Breast Cancer    M.Sc.    loghmaniankotleri, hajar    2013-05-05
46    Marital and sexual satisfaction:Developed a model based on the teachings of the Islamic culture and its effect on marital satisfaction    Ph.D    TALEBIAN SHARIF, JAFAR    2013-05-08
47    Effectiveness of schema therapy on improving of social adjustment and Early maladaptive schemas and reducing symptom of disorder in men with borderline disorder diagnosis    M.Sc.    ,    2013-05-21
49    Play therapy floor time (based on the family ) to increase social skills in children    M.Sc.    ashrafi, ayda    2013-05-26
50    The Effectiveness of cognitive hypnotherapy on internal Sense of coherence and social phobia in collage students    M.Sc.    arghabaei, mohammad    2013-06-18
51    Nostalgia In The sadeq Chubaks Stories    M.Sc.    mohammadi, abdollah    2013-07-07
52    Aberrant dirving behavior, risk perception and attitudes among novice and experienced drivers and examining the effectiveness of a training on risk perception and attitudes among novices    M.Sc.    hashemi chahnoyi, seyedeh hoda    2013-07-29
53    The effectiveness of posetive parenting program on improvment of mother\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s self efficacy and mother - child relationship and child behavioral problems    M.Sc.    taherinia, samaneh    2013-09-21
54    The effectiveness of intensive short- term of psychodynamic therapy in reduction of interpersonal problems    M.Sc.    hatefi farmad, mahdi    2013-09-22
55    the effect of religious advices on maritl adjusment and marital satisfaction    M.Sc.    khushkab, mahbubeh    2013-09-24
56    The comparison effectiveness between existential group psychotherapy and cognitive- behavioral group psychotherapy to enhance quality of interpersonal relationship    M.Sc.    naddaf shargh, hoda    2013-09-24
57    The effectiveness of Beck cognitive therapy for reducing panic symptoms , quality of life and beliefs women relationship (RBQ) with hurt faced marital infidelity    M.Sc.    Tabatabaii rad, elahesadat    2013-09-24
58    Comparing efficacy of therapy painting and play therapy on self- concept in and aggrestion in children with learning disabilities    M.Sc.    abdolalizade, fateme    2013-09-24
59    Examination of effect of group training of interpersonal communication skills and self-efficacy and job burnout among employees of Social Security organization in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    JAMALZADEH, GOLNOUSH    2013-09-24
60    The efficacy of mindfulness-based psychotherapy, group pages, daughter of reducing anxiety and perfectionism BOJNURD    M.Sc.    bidaki, zakieyh    2013-09-24
61    efficacy of group exisential therapy in increase of self and steem consept    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, saeedeh sadat    2013-09-24
62    Evaluating the Effect of Combining Neurofeedback Therapy While Reducing Medicine Treatment on Neuropsychological Aspects of Children with ADHD    M.Sc.    Nademi, Fatemeh    2013-09-24
63    The effectiveness of problem solving training through Bedell and Lennox method on conflicts reduction and improving of emotional literacy of teen girls with their addicted parents    M.Sc.    karimi, fatemeh    2013-10-08
64    the efect of self awaerness on spritual intelligent    M.Sc.    zarifian, fereshteh    2013-10-22
65    Investigate the relationship between metacognition and self-injury in adolescents with risk levels Welfare    M.Sc.    sharbati, zahra    2013-10-22
66    2The relationship between disease duration and intensity of physical effects on the sense of coherence and mental health, diabetes type II diabetes    M.Sc.    hosene, maryam    2013-12-03
67    Short-term couple therapy effective self-regulation to improvement communication patterns and reduce marital problems.    M.Sc.    Ehsanifar, Zahra    2013-12-03
68    the effectiveness of Trans-theoretical group therapy on self-esteem and improvement of relapse prevention strategies in addicted patients    M.Sc.    nikkhah, hossein    2013-12-03
69    The effectiveness of Grouply training of Glasser's choice theory on improving relations between parent – child, increase quality of life and reducing symptoms of aggression in female students    M.Sc.    Moshirian Farahi, Seyyedeh Maryam    2013-12-03
70    Prediction of perilous behavior and sensation seeking adolescent identity based on attachment styles    M.Sc.    nazmi, mohsen    2014-01-14
71    cognitive behavior hypnosis therapy in social phobia multy subject method    M.Sc.    jaliliansfarpur, majid    2014-01-26
72    Effectiveness of marital enrichment education (time) on marital satisfaction and spiritual intelligence in married women    M.Sc.    Roghangar, Tayebeh    2014-01-29
73    the effectiveness of short term psychodynamic psychotherapy on decreasing the father-child conflicts among the female students    M.Sc.    Allahyari, Mahboobeh    2014-01-30
74    reality therapy efficacy study on in enhancing the mental health of women with breast cancer    M.Sc.    Hoseyni, Shadi    2014-01-30
75    The effectiveness of practical training of play therapy to mothers (based on the CPRT approach) on improvement of mental development of the children and maternal self-efficacy, parent- child relationship quality and happiness in the mothers    M.Sc.    sadeghi, abolghasem    2014-02-04
76    The Effectiveness of Cognitive - behavioral (CBGT)Group Therapy Based on Hofmann model on self-perception and safety Behaviours of Afghan immigrants with Social Phobia    M.Sc.    hossini, bibi zahra    2014-03-11
77    Effectiveness of the cognitive-behavioral group therapy on reduction of test anxiety and increasing in self-esteem in language learners    M.Sc.    souri, ali    2014-03-11
78    Effects of cognitive- Behavioral Group Therapy and RealityTherapy on Hope, Happiness, and Sense of Guilt on Female Talaba    M.Sc.    nakhaei, fatemeh    2014-03-11
79    The effect of treatment based on stages of change reducing impulsivity and aggression in adolescent offenders    M.Sc.    barati, beheshte    2014-03-12
80    عوامل روانشناختی سبب ساز بیماری های قلبی در ایران: مرور نظام دار، فرا تحلیل، طراحی و اثربخشی الگوی روان درمانگری ویژه بیماران قلبی    Ph.D    Soltani Shal, Reza    2014-03-12
81    The effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on the Complicated Grief symptoms    M.Sc.    goodarzy, narges    2014-04-09
82    The comparative analysis of effectiveness of spiritual–religious group therapy and it’s combination with traditional medicine in reduction of women’s anxiety    M.Sc.    shahandeh, zahra    2014-04-09
83    The comparative analysis of the effectiveness of group logo therapy and traditional medicine in the reduction of women’s depression symptoms    M.Sc.    arjomandinezhad, zahra    2014-04-09
84    The Effectiveness of Happiness Training Based on Cognitive Behavioral Approach on Increase Happiness and Self Efficacy,Quality of Life martyrs’ and veterans’ family    M.Sc.    kheirkhah, zahra    2014-04-30
85    The relationship between personality traits and parenting style mediated by marital satisfaction in mothers with kindergarden and pre-school age children in mashhad    M.Sc.    salar abkoohi, tahereh    2014-05-20
86    studying the effectiveness of spiritual care training on aggression and spiritual health in male with amphetamine dependence    M.Sc.    Ansari, Samira    2014-05-20
87    The effectiveness of emotion control training on social self-efficacy and achievement motivation of Mashhad high school girl students    M.Sc.    AMELI, ATIEH    2014-05-20
88    Survy the Effectiveness of positive thinking skills training on enhance marital satisfaction and locus of control to married women.    M.Sc.    Taymoori, Akram    2014-05-20
89    Efficacy of welfare treatment on extent of stress,anxiety and depression ofgirls students of highschole s yaya ben zade    M.Sc.    moayedi, monireh    2014-05-20
90    Comparison between C.B.T efficiency with and without medical therapy and alone medical therapy on the psychosomatic patient with muscular pain complaint    M.Sc.    Aghasizadeh, Ensiyeh    2014-05-20
91    The Effectiveness Group training Based on Time proje (Marital Enrichment) on women Increasing Marital Intimacy and Mental Security    M.Sc.    tavaloli, tahmine    2014-05-20
92    Survey the effectiveness of group cognitive behavioral therapy on quality of life and self-esteem of eldery    M.Sc.    Iravani Kazar, Parizad    2014-05-20
93    The Effectiveeness of Communication Skills Training on increasingSocial adjustment and Resilience of young couples    M.Sc.    Moradian, Najmeh    2014-05-20
94    Efficacy of dialectical on emotional adjustment and memory function in women with depression    M.Sc.    Saberbaghi, Tahereh    2014-05-20
95    Study the size of the brain structure in alexithymia people: A neurological study using MRI    M.Sc.    ajam zibadi, hamide    2014-05-26
96    The Effectiveness of Couple Therapy Based on Reality therapy on Increasing Marital Intimacy and Mental Security    M.Sc.    ahmadnia, seyede tahereh    2014-05-26
97    the study of positive psychology components in Mathnavi of Mowlavi based on Seligman's theory    M.Sc.    Esmailzadeh Ghandehari, Samaneh    2014-05-26
98    Investigate the relationship between perceived parenting style and test anxiety with intermediacyself-efficacyacademic    M.Sc.    aeen, sofiya    2014-06-03
99    The Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral Group Therapy,eight - stage Cash approach on improving the body image and marital commitment.    M.Sc.    Ariyan Moghaddam, Zohre    2014-06-11
100    The Effectiveness Of Group Therapy Based on Quality Of Life On Tendency Toward Narcotics, Resilience And Conflict Resolution In Substance Abusers    M.Sc.    mohaddes hakkak, zahra    2014-06-17
101    survey the effectiveness of religious-spirituality group therapy on    M.Sc.    beyzaei, somaye    2014-09-16
102    effectiveness of treatment Rational, emotional, intervention on parenting practices in reducing with drawal mood disorder mentally retarded girl students in primary schools    M.Sc.    Ghafori Asl, Zohreh    2014-09-20
103    The Effectiveness of Cognitive-behavioral anger control training for increasing marital satisfaction    M.Sc.    Miri, Forough    2014-09-23
104    The relathtionship between demographic characteristics ، locus of control and risk perception with driving at speed    M.Sc.    mohades, bi bi motahare    2014-09-23
105    Effectiveness of parent-child interaction group therapy on Reduction of symptoms in preschool separation Anxiety Disorder and child shyness    M.Sc.    KHAJEH POOR, MARYAM    2014-09-24
106    Assessing the effectiveness of acceptance and commitment on the perception of social support and sexual satisfaction in infertile women    M.Sc.    hashemian, aida    2014-09-24
107    Developing a comprehensive model of how superego and metacognition operate (Analytic-Metacognitive Model) in obsessive-compulsive disorder and antisocial personality disorder: construction and validation of Diagnostic Analytic - Metacognitive Inventory (DAMI) based on AMM    Ph.D    parviz, koorosh    2014-10-08
108    Effectiveness of group training of Stress Management on reduce stress , Negative automatic thoughts and enhance the quality of life of Infertile Women    M.Sc.    karimi, tahereh    2014-10-14
109    Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Psychotherapy in Decreasing Shyness and Increment Social Acceptance in pre school Children    M.Sc.    Eshaghi, Nasrin    2014-11-01
110    The comparison of the effect of story7- telling therapy and play therapy on reducing the anxiety of children cencern    M.Sc.    safdari, zahra    2015-01-31
111    Effectiveness of conflict resolution skills to reduce loneliness and couple burnout in women's health house four Tehran Municipality    M.Sc.    mohsenzade, esmat    2015-02-03
112    study on the relationship between alexythimia and type d personality with stress as mediator variable on the blood pressure of heart patients    M.Sc.    salehzadeh, saba    2015-02-03
113    Study of effectiveness of combination cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and yoga on reducing women’s depression    M.Sc.    dehghanizade, mahdiyeh    2015-02-12
114    Mediation role of coping strategies and self-expression in the relationship between sensation seeking tendency to addiction    M.Sc.    Sayadi, Halime    2015-02-17
115    The study of effectiveness of parent-child interaction training on decreasing the anxiety of children suffering urinary incontinence    M.Sc.    mamdoohi, niloofar    2015-02-18
116    The effect of schema therapy in reducing symptoms of avoidant personality: a single subject    M.Sc.    gol, alireza    2015-03-03
117    The Effectiveness of laughter and narrative therapy on reducing stubborn and defiant behavior in preschoolers children    M.Sc.    Shahabi, Ensiyeh    2015-05-04
118    The Effect of life Skills education on In creasing Social Adjustment and Suicide Ideation Prevention in Afghan Refugee Girls    M.Sc.    nosrati, nina    2015-05-04
119    The Effectiveness of Reality Therapy Group on Changing Dysfunctional Coping Strategies, Locus of Control and Attitudes to Smoke Using in Smokers    M.Sc.    noruzi maddah, mostafa    2015-06-09
120    Psychological factors of migraines : Theraoeutic intervention to reduce it    Ph.D    azizi, masumeh    2015-06-14
121    Compare effectiveness of play cognitive- behavioral group therapy and reflexology on reduce aggression in orphans and poor parenting children    M.Sc.    sarvari, mahdieh    2015-06-16
122    Compare effectiveness of cognitive - behavioral group therapy and reflexology to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety in girl adolescents    M.Sc.    ghayeny, somayyeh    2015-06-16
123    The Effectivess of Life Skills Training on Attitude to Addiction and Ineffictient Coping Styles of the Phisically-motor Handicapped People    M.Sc.    BORNA, FATEMEH    2015-06-16
124    Parenting styles of Iranian parents; attitueds, Comparative Study, Extraction and measurement of indigenous model: A mixed method study    Ph.D    Ramezani, Valiollah    2016-01-06
125    the effectiveness of sexual skills training on marital satisfaction and sexual intimacy of women    M.Sc.    farhadian, fatemeh    2016-02-02
126    The Relationship of Hope and Social Adjustment with Academic Burnout Mediated by Self-efficacy in M. A Students    M.Sc.    azadsefat, seyed nader    2016-02-16
127    The effect of problem- solving skill training on improving the communication skill and aggression of teenagers: a triangulate study    M.Sc.    tohidi, farideh    2016-04-26
128    The Effectiveness of Group Therapy Based on Acceptance and Commitment on Disappointment, Psychological Distress, Psychastheni With SLE    M.Sc.    ahmadishorek tokanlo, ALI    2016-05-10
129    The Effectiveness of an Intimate Relationship Skills Training (PAIRS)on Increasing Marital Adjustment and Satisfaction in Women With Cancer    M.Sc.    taheri, nilufar    2016-05-10
130    The Effectiveness of Resilience Training through Pennsylvania Method on Marital boredom and Religious commitment    M.Sc.    Seyedzadeh, Iman    2016-05-14
131    Psychological Impact Excitation Light (PIEL) To Reduce Anxiety and Increase Concentration Power    M.Sc.    khakshour, mohammad    2016-05-24
132    Effectiveness of schema therapy to reduce burnout and improve job satisfaction in Toos Porcelain Factory workers    M.Sc.    mesgar khorasani, mahdi    2016-06-14
133    The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment therapy on increasing of Cognitive Emotion Regulation, Resilience and Decrease of Experiential Avoidance in women with cancer    M.Sc.    khabbaz hoseyni, narges    2016-06-14
134    Effectiveness of group emotionally focused therapy on increasing hope and interpersonal forgiveness in love trauma syndrome    M.Sc.    gerayeli, mojgan    2016-06-14
135    The study of comparative of relationship adaptable and inadaptable emotion cognitive regulation strategies in the mother of with and without children of with oppositional defiant Disorder symptoms    M.Sc.    parsaee, nahid    2016-06-14
136    The study of the status of the relationship between extroversion, Introversion and sensation seeking with high-risk behaviors in immigrant students    M.Sc.    rezaie, fatemeh    2016-07-05
137    Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions tِDCS to level of depression in married women    M.Sc.    nasiri, elham    2016-11-01
138    Prioritization and feasibility of possible services in Mashhad public libraries to reduce marital problems    M.Sc.    ataei, zeinab    2017-01-11
139    The Effectiveness of Meta-cognition Based Education on Reducing Depression, Anxiety, and Anger of Hyperactivity Disorder Mothers    M.Sc.    akbari, fariba    2017-05-02
140    the psychological impact of breast cancer: systemstic review, preventive therapy package design and determine the affectiveness of its    Ph.D    Rafaee Saeedi, Nasrin    2017-05-07
141    The Role of Schema maladaptive and personality traits in predicting students' communication with the mediation of perfectionism    M.Sc.    hashemi golestan, nasrin sadat    2017-05-09
142    The formulation and implementation of the protocol for regulating masturbation which emphasized on Islamic approaches - case study    M.Sc.    azarbadkan, fatemeh    2017-05-09
143    Comparison of the effectiveness of schema therapy and therapeutic reflection in reducing insomnia, depression, anxiety in women    M.Sc.    hoseininode, asieh    2017-05-09
144    An analysis of Persian translations of Freud within the framework of reception theory    Ph.D    Khademnabi, Mir Mohammad    2017-05-15
145    The role of social networks on prediction of marital boredom with the mediation of religious commitment    M.Sc.    GHAFFARI RAD, JALALEH    2017-05-16
146    Comparative study between existential group therapy and Adlerian group therapy on self-compassion and social interest in maladaptive student    M.Sc.    Ghodsi, Ali    2017-05-30
147    Evaluating the psychological profile of suicide attempt survivors and comparing the effectiveness of the self- compassion therapy, functional analytical therapy and their integration on reducion of the further suicide attempt risk    Ph.D    Ghassem Boroujerdi, Fatemeh    2017-07-02
148    The Effectiveness of Resilience Training Based on Pennsylvania Method On Decrease Anger Rumination and Academic Stress    M.Sc.    Ghanbari, Afsane    2017-07-04
149    comparing the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy and reflexology for patients with obesity to weight loss,decrease anexiety and depression    M.Sc.    eskandari, samineh    2017-07-04
150    Assessing the effectiveness of admission and commitment education on aggression ، high risk behaviors and family functioning in drug addicts under treatment    M.Sc.    shahrzadnia, fahimeh    2017-11-28
151    the effectiveness of emotional schema group therapy on anexity quqliti of life toleratin of uncertain Aghanestanian emmigrant women    M.Sc.    karimi, Najiba    2017-11-28
152    Explaining the psycho-social consequences of women’s infertility based on mixed method: Development and designing training-support protocol    Ph.D    Zarif, Haniye    2017-12-26
153    Study of Relation between Resiliency and Job Burnout with The mediating role o Mental Health in Teachers    M.Sc.    hosseini, marziye    2018-03-06
154    The Effectiveness of Mindfulness- Based Cognitive Therapy on Improving the Working Memory, Inhibition and Cognitive Flexibility in Individuals with Generalized Anxiety Disorder    M.Sc.    azam rajabian, Ali    2018-03-08
155    Moderating role of Islamic religious orientation in the relationship between multidimensional Responsibility and religious happiness in married    M.Sc.    rezadad, najmeh    2018-03-13
156    The effectiveness of brief object relatons psychotherapy on the patterns of repetition compulsion in borderline personality syndrome: A Single – Subject research    M.Sc.    ghaempanah, mahdi    2018-03-13
157    The role of purposeful parenting in purposefulness and self understanding of adolescent    Ph.D    vedadian, zahra    2018-03-13
158    The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Neuroticism and Psychological Capital of Down Syndrome Mothers    M.Sc.    moshtaghi, maryam    2018-03-13
159    The effect of schema therapy on reducing early maladaptive schemas of anxiety and marital conflict in mothers withe Down syndrome in Sabzevar, Iran    M.Sc.    ghalenovi, Fereshteh    2018-04-10